BMX Pioneers: The Trailblazers Who Shaped the Sport

BMX (bicycle motocross) is a sport that has its roots in motocross and was born in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Over the years, the sport has evolved and developed, but its origins can be traced back to the pioneering individuals who first raced and rode BMX bikes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the BMX pioneers who shaped the sport into what it is today.

Motocross Inspiration: The Beginnings of BMX

BMX originated in California, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and was heavily inspired by motocross racing. The sport began when kids started racing their bicycles on dirt tracks modeled after motocross courses. This new type of racing quickly caught on, and the first organized BMX race was held in 1971 in California.

Schwinn Stingray: The First BMX Bike

In the early days of BMX, the Schwinn Stingray was the bike … Read More

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PC maker Acer aspires to get into e-bikes with the 35-pound “ebii”

When you think of Acer you probably think of PCs, whether they’re cheap beater laptops and tablets, slightly nicer but still budget-focused ultrabooks and gaming laptops, or weird swing-and-a-miss experiments. But today the company announced something else entirely—the “ebii,” a lightweight e-bike that, aside from an associated smartphone app, has nothing to do with PCs or tablets.

We’ve reviewed e-bikes with stylish designs and appealing curvature, but the ebii looks decidedly more utilitarian. The chunky “ebii Box” in the middle houses the control box, battery pack, and headlight, and the seat and handlebars jut upward out of it. In

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The best electric bikes you can buy at every price level in Apr 2023

Here at Electrek we have spent countless hours undertaking detailed hands-on testing of hundreds of electric bikes. Through those thousands of miles of riding, we’ve gotten to know these e-bikes inside and out, top to bottom and front to back. That dedication to real world e-bike testing has helped us find the best electric bicycles on the market for just about any budget.

Below you’ll find some of the top e-bikes we’ve hand-tested for every price range, current as of April 2023. Spring is finally here (even if you can’t quite feel it yet where you live), and that means riding season is getting ready to heat up! Check out the awesome e-bikes below, any one of which could become your next electric bike.

The sub-$1,000 electric bike category is critical for a few reasons.

First, it’s pretty hard to produce a quality e-bike and sell it for under $1k.

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Chris Akrigg Parts Ways with GT
Chris Akrigg has announced on social media that he is leaving GT after three years. Chris joined GT at the start of 2020 after being with Mongoose for 12 years. As part of his announcement Chris also mentioned he is leaving Cycling Sports Group who he has worked with for 15 years.
Chris Akrigg Parts Ways with GT If someone had told me way back when I first saw @hansnowayrey on a GT on the front cover of a magazine riding trials that one day I’d be a Pro rider for GT bicycles also, I would of probably laughed but over the last three years that is exactly what I’ve been!

My time has come to move on from GT ! It has been an awesome three years and I am honoured to now be a small part of GT’s amazing history alongside so many legends of the sport!

I would like to thank everyone that

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Best Commuter Bikes 2023 – City Bike Reviews

City, urban, commuter, cargo, utility, folding, and e-fill in the blank—call it what you will. Your commuter bike has a job to do, and only you know what that job entails. So whether you need to haul a ton of crap, make a quick run for some essentials, need an alternative to public transportation, load up the kids and get out of the house, or get off your ass and grab some fresh air, you need the right bike, and we have it right here.

Wear your protection before hitting the road. Check out our picks for the best bike lights, helmets, and light sets to strap on your next ride.

Best Commuter Bikes

What To Consider

Commute Type

Just as there is no one type of commute or commuter, there is no singular type of commuter bike. It used to be a typical city bike could be described as

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