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E-Bike Catches Fire Near Bedok Mall, Loud Popping Noises Heard Before SCDF Arrives

E-Bike Catches Fire Near Bedok Mall, Loud Popping Noises Heard Before SCDF Arrives

Fire Involving E-Bike Breaks Out In Bedok On 19 Feb

The popularity of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) and e-bikes remains at an all-time high, especially among delivery riders.

While they provide convenience, these devices can also endanger others if the user is not careful.

This proved to be true when an e-bike caught fire on Sunday (19 Feb) evening.

The incident took place along Bedok North Drive in Bedok Central. It was just a short distance away from Bedok Mall.

E-bike catches fire at Bedok Central, causing loud popping noises

In a video uploaded to the Facebook page, the e-bike could be seen engulfed in flames as people looked on.

Popping noises could be heard as several parts of the e-bike exploded, and the fire got bigger.

e-bike fire bedok

Source: Facebook

Other footage of the incident shows firefighters from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responding to the fire.

e-bike fire bedok

Source: TikTok

An eyewitness to the incident, Mr Muhammad Iqmal, posted several clips of the blaze on his Facebook page.

A food delivery rider was on the phone and stood next to the fire.

e-bike fire bedok

Source: Facebook

A man in a purple t-shirt was also seen trying to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher before help arrived. He backed off, however, when the flames got bigger.

Source: Facebook

Cause of fire is under investigation

Speaking to MS News, Mr Iqmal shared that the fire happened around 6.54pm. He happened to be in the vicinity when he chanced upon the fire.

He said fire responders from SCDF arrived at about 7pm. “They had to use a special fire extinguisher to bring down the flames, but there were still remnants.”

“Finally, the whole team came as the first responders [were] unable to completely wipe out the fire.”

e-bike fire bedok

Source: Facebook

Thankfully, no one seems to be injured.

Responding to queries from MS News, SCDF confirmed that it was alerted to a fire along Bedok North Street 1 involving a PMD.

Firefighters extinguished the fire using a compressed air foam backpack, and there were no reported injuries. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Stay vigilant against PMD &  e-bike fire hazards

This case highlights the importance of guarding against possible fire hazards if you are a PMD or e-bike user. PMD fires are often due to battery short-circuits, so here are some things users should avoid:

  • Using batteries from an unreliable source
  • Overcharging PMDs
  • Charging PMDs immediately after use without letting the heat dissipate
  • Using an incompatible charger or adaptor
  • PMDs which do not have the compulsory UL2272 certificate
  • Illegally modified PMDs

Here’s a handy infographic courtesy of SCDF:

Should you find yourself faced with a PMD fire, make sure to get yourself and the people around you to a safe location before calling 995.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.