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First Look: Hope’s New Pro 5 Hubs
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First Look: Hope’s New Pro 5 Hubs

Hope have been making hubs for 30 years. In that time they’ve built a reputation for reliability, serviceability, and quality. They don’t update their products on a regular basis – they released the Pro 4 hub back in 2016 – but today they’re launching the next generation Pro 5.

One of Hope’s main goals for the Pro 5 was to reduce drag in the drive mechanism. This, they say, was achieved with a new “zero drag labyrinth seal, and an improved ratchet and pawl system, with new springs.” Apparently, these also increase durability and reliability compared to the Pro 4.

PRO 5 Details

• Faster engagement (108 points).
• Claimed lower drag & better reliability
• Stiffer hub shell and bigger bearings
• Available with all major freehub, disc, spoke, and axle standards
• Interchangeable end caps to fit different axle widths
• Price:from £220 (rear) / £95 (front)
• More information:

First Look: Hope’s New Pro 5 Hubs

If you swap from a Pro 4 to a Pro 5, you’re probably more likely to notice the faster freehub pickup; the number of engagement points has gone from 44 to 108 – meaning the freehub engagement angle has gone from 8.2 to 3.3 degrees. The Pro 5 uses an offset six-pawl design with a 54-tooth ratchet ring, where two sets of three pawls engage the ratchet alternately. There is also an e-bike version, where all 6 pawls engage simultaneously for higher durability but half the points of engagement (54).

The Pro 5 is more than a few upgrades – it’s a full overhaul, with a stiffer hub shell, a new axle design, and bigger bearings.

It’s available in pretty much every configuration you might need. There are HG, XD and Microspline freehubs; Centerlock or 6-bolt rotor mounting, straight pull or J-bend spoke drillings with 24, 28, 32, or 36 holes. There are hubs for trials and e-bikes and there are 100 and 110 mm front hubs and 135/142; 148 and 150/157 mm rear hubs. Adapters are available to switch between 100 & 110; 150 & 157, or 135 &amp 142 mm axles (see compatibility table below).

Impressively, Hope say they’ll continue making spare parts for ten years after a product is discontinued. The Pro 5 is due in stock at retailers from March 1st.