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Islabikes refuses to leave smaller adults behind with new Luath and Creig
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Islabikes refuses to leave smaller adults behind with new Luath and Creig

Islabikes has released two new bicycles, the Creig and Luath, designed specifically for smaller adults between 4ft 11in and 5ft 9in.

The bikes are adult versions of Islabikes’ Creig and Luath children’s bikes and are intended for the same riding styles. The Luath is a multi-purpose bike for gravel riding, touring and commuting, while the Creig is designed for mountain biking and bikepacking.

The two bikes are available now direct from Islabikes and pricing starts at £999.

Held back by ill-fitting sizing

Islabikes says the bikes are for adults who are held back by ill-fitting sizing.

Islabikes says the Luath and Creig bikes are for adults who have ridden for many years but have been held back by ill-fitting bike sizing.

The brand, which has produced bikes for riders at all stages of life, from children to senior adults, since 2006, says it refuses to leave behind adults who find conventionally sized adult bikes uncomfortable or too big.

Islabikes says most women and below-average-height men are poorly catered for by the bike industry.

This means shorter adults are deprived of bikes that offer the levels of comfort, efficiency and safety granted to adults who fit within the height bracket used to design the best bikes.

The Luath and Creig mean riders can avoid using oversized components on smaller bikes.

While some women’s bikes are sized smaller or use finishing kit tailored to women’s sizing, the unisex Luath and Creig bikes mean shorter adults can avoid using smaller frames fitted with oversized components, such as handlebars that are too wide or long cranks.

Fitting smaller components is an approach Islabikes took with the Joni, its bike designed for adults with dwarfism.

Tim Goodall, managing director at Islabikes, says smaller componentry is where the Luath and Creig stand out.

“Making a frame smaller is the easy bit, it’s the obsessive attention to fit all critical components that separate these bikes from the crowd. And often it’s the seemingly obvious expectations someone has; like being able to reach the brakes on a bike with dropped handlebars if they have smaller hands. Sadly, something many people can’t do,” says Goodall.

To make using the brakes easier, the Luath has custom short-reach Claris brake levers.

The Luath also has a narrow handlebar at 36cm for the XS frame, rising to 38cm for the M frame.

Custom Claris levers help smaller adults reach the brakes on the Luath.

The Creig uses 27.5in wheels on the XS and 29in wheels for the M, while the flat handlebar ranges from 68cm to 74cm depending on frame size.

Both bikes come with ‘proportional’ pedals and cranks ranging from 155mm to 165mm.

Goodall says the reception to the bikes has been positive so far.

“The feedback we’ve had so far has been incredible; that after decades of riding and ‘making do’ with what was available, finally, someone has noticed that if the frame is smaller, maybe the fit-critical components should be too,” he explains.

Versatile designs

The Luath can be set up for bikepacking and touring.

Islabikes says the Luath and Creig are “versatile designs” for riders “wanting to try various types of riding”.

The Luath is said to straddle gravel riding, touring, commuting and multi-day adventures. It has a drop handlebar and 700x35mm tyres across all sizes.

The aluminium frame has mounting points for bottles, mudguards and a rear rack, while the carbon fork has eyelets to attach frame bags.

It has a 1x drivetrain with a mix of Shimano Claris and SunRace components.

The Creig has a RockShox fork with 100mm of travel.

The Creig is angled towards mountain biking, with Islabikes stating it is “suitable for trail centres, your local singletrack trails, bridleways” as well as bikepacking.

The flat-bar bike has an aluminium frame, with a RockShox Judy Gold RL solo suspension fork providing 100mm of travel with a lockout and rebound adjustment.

The Creig uses Microshift components.

The bike uses a combination of Microshift drivetrain components. A 10-speed, 11-to-48-tooth cassette is paired with a single, 30-tooth front chainring.

Both bikes use Tektro disc brakes, but the Luath has cable-actuated brakes, whereas the Creig has hydraulic brakes.

Islabikes Luath and Creig spec and prices

The Luath and Creig bikes are available now, with prices ranging from £999.99 for the Creig and £1,249.99 for the Luath.

Both bikes are available in sizes XS to M.

Islabikes Luath

The Luath has mounts for a rack, bottle cages and bags.

  • Frame: 6061 aluminium
  • Fork: Islabikes carbon fork with mounts
  • Handlebar: Islabikes aluminium drop bar
  • Saddle: Islabikes ergonomic adults saddle
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Claris 8-speed
  • Cranks: Islabikes SRAM fit cranks
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc
  • Wheels: Islabikes “easy-tyre change” rims on aluminium quick-release hubs
  • Tyres: Islabikes Mixte, 700x35mm
  • Prices: £999.99

Islabikes Creig

The Islabikes Creig has Stan’s rims and hydraulic brakes.

  • Frame: 6061 aluminium frame
  • Fork: RockShox Judy Gold RL Solo, 100mm travel
  • Handlebar: Islabikes flat handlebar
  • Saddle: Islabikes ergonomic adults saddle
  • Drivetrain: Microshift Advent X, 10-speed
  • Cranks: Islabikes SRAM fit cranks
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc
  • Wheels: Stan’s Crest S2 rims on aluminium disc quick-release hubs
  • Tyres: Vee Rail Roco
  • Prices: £1,299.99