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Pedal Power: Ducati Brings E-MTBs To Canada!
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Pedal Power: Ducati Brings E-MTBs To Canada!

The pricey Ducati TK-01RR Limited e-MTB. Credit: Ducati

If you’ve been in your local motorcycle dealership lately, you might have noticed a few electric bicycles in the showroom. It’s starting to be a thing. And now, Ducati’s in on this trend, bringing three electric mountain bikes to the Canadian market.

Electric bicycles from motorcycle manufacturers are nothing new—Europeans have seen these things for years, and even here in North America, OEMs have been bringing in bicycles and electric bicycles bearing their brand for a long time. But in the past few years, it’s really picked up steam (conveniently enough for motorcycle dealers, who need something to stock their showrooms not that motorcycle and ATV supply is iffy).

We get three Ducati e-MTBs for 2023:, the MIG-S, the TK-01RR and the TK-01RR. All these e-bikes are pedal-assist; to ride them, you must pedal to gain the assistance of the electric motor. You’re still getting your exercise, but you’re going a lot farther for your effort.

The MIG-S, the least expensive bike in this lineup. Credit: Ducati

Here’s how Ducati describes each model:

The Ducati MIG-S is an all-mountain ebike with sporting features, for those looking for an agile, performing and fun e-mtb in all conditions. With 150mm travel at the front and 140 rear, thanks to high-level components (Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork, Fox Float TPS rear shock, 4-calipers Sram Guide T brakes, 29″ Thok e-plus rims at the front and 27.5″ rear, 12 speeds Sram SX transmission 11-50) it is an e-mtb that will allow you to explore any trail with a unique ride-ability. Its geometries are designed to safely face both the most demanding climbs and the roughest descents. Equipped with Shimano Steps E8000 engine and 630Wh Shimano battery positioned below the down tube to improve handling. The graphics created by Aldo Drudi’s D-Perf enhance the lines of the hydroformed aluminum frame.

The Ducati TK-01RR is a e-enduro bicycle using the most modern technical solutions with the aim of making every route exciting, letting riders experience off-road riding to its maximum, even on the most inaccessible routes. Featuring a new Shimano EP8 drive unit of pure performance weighing only 5.72 lbs., the motor is one of the lightest and most compact in the segment with maximum torque of 85Nm with a maximum servo assistance ratio of 400%. This translates to torque always being delivered with maximum fluidity, also thanks to a reduction in friction. With a 630Wh Shimano battery and a new aluminum frame featuring a verticalized downtube, the TK-01RR also is fitted with other high-end components such as a 12-speed transmission and Shimano XT brakes, as well as the brand new 180mm Öhlins RXF 38 fork and Pirelli Scorpion tires developed specially for E-MTB.

Topping the off-road capabilities of the e-bike range is the Ducati TK-01RR Limited Edition, an even
more exclusive version of the Ducati e-enduro. This limited edition bike is a concentration of
technology that confirms the key features of the TK-01RR version, but is enriched with more
advanced components, with the aim of further improving performance, especially in difficult downhill

It’s all very trick stuff, with motorcycle-style suspension and brakes, and a shifter that should provide the precision that motorcycles are used to. Carbon-fiber wheels and handlebar and other trick parts—it seemed no corners were cut, although even within this e-MTB lineup there is considerable price disparity. Apparently, there is a big difference between good, better and best when it comes to the MSRP.

The TK-01RR, a step up from the base MIG-S, and quite a bit more money. Credit: Ducati

Speaking of which, we’re told that the MIG-S MSRP starts at $7,695; the TK-01RR starts at $10,995, and the TK-01RR Limited Edition starts at $14,495. Don’t forget to add taxes and possibly some dealer fees…

Yikes! That’s the cost of a new motorcycle, even one of the expensive ones from Ducati’s lineup. Still: e-MTBs are going to be very expensive whichever one you buy, since they’re based on premium mountain bike parts, which are themselves very pricey.

At least you can ride these things before you buy them: Ducati says it will have demo bikes at participating dealerships. If you want one of these machines, talk to your local dealer, or check out this winter’s MMIC show circuit—Ducati is almost certain to have them on display there.

Until then, if you want more information, keep an eye on Ducati’s Canadian website, where they’ve got more details on all these new machines.