Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon 4 Is Back On Sale After Recall

Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon 4 Is Back On Sale After Recall

Rad Power bikes is one of the more popular e-bike makers in the U.S. market, and is known for its convenient, practical, and affordable models. We’ve talked about the brand quite a bit previously, as well as the wide selection of models it has in its catalog. That said, the brand has re-introduced the RadWagon 4, following a recall issued in November of 2022, which forced the company to temporarily put it out of commission.

The recall wasn’t all that major when it came to the mechanicals of the bike, but it was serious enough that it could cause an accident in certain situations. The problem surrounding the bike was mainly on the wheels, wherein misaligned rim strips—which some of us are more familiar with as rim tape—could lead to a puncture of the inner tube. Furthermore, the ribbed design of the tire’s sidewall could also result in an inner tube puncture, presumably if the tire was either under- or over-inflated.

Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon 4 Is Back On Sale After Recall

Regardless, this issue alone was enough for Rad Power Bikes to notify riders to stop riding their RadWagon 4, while promptly sending out repair kits for owners to quickly and easily rectify the problem. The kit consisted of a new set of tires, tubes, and rim tape—a job that anyone who rides a bike should be more than capable of completing in a few minutes. 

Fast forward a few months later, and it seems that the issue surrounding the RadWagon 4’s wheels has been completely resolved as Rad Power Bikes has relisted it on their website. Prior to the recall, the RadWagon was widely regarded as the most popular electric cargo bike in the U.S., with nearly 30,000 of these ultra-practical two-wheelers sold. Indeed, it’s clear to see why this is the case, as it can be used for all sorts of trips ranging from grocery shopping, bike camping, and even dropping your kids off at school in the morning. 

Rad Power Bikes' RadWagon 4 Is Back On Sale After Recall

In terms of performance, the RadWagon 4 relies on a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts. It’s mated to a battery with a 672-Wh capacity providing range of 25 to 45 miles on a single charge. This gives it a top speed of 20 miles per hour on either pedal assist or thumb throttle, meaning it’s classified as a Class 2 e-bike in the U.S. As for the bike’s relaunch, Rad Power Bikes hopes to begin shipments of the RadWagon 4 once spring rolls around. It retails for $1,999 USD.


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