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Cross-chaining explained: what is it and why is it bad?

Most bikes have a range of gears to enable you to crest a climb, carve down a descent and everything in between. In theory, all of the gears are at your disposal but on some systems, it’s best to avoid…

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Gravel bike setup explained: gearing, wheel size, tyres and more

Every bike brand worth its salt has a gravel bike in its range, but there’s a vast array of different spec choices and setup options out there. Some bikes are geared towards fast rides both on and off-road, while others…

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Bike fits explained: what is a bike fit and should you get one?

A professional bike fit can help you ride comfortably and efficiently, but is something many riders don’t see the point of, despite bike fitting being a burgeoning field. We almost all experience some aches and pains when cycling or afterwards….

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