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What Crank Length are you Running on Your MTB?

A lot of riders are finding that shorter cranks work better for them, offering improved comfort and fewer pedal strikes on the trail. Stock build crank lengths tend to hover around the 170mm mark, though we’re starting to see that…

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What is the ideal crank length for cycling? and how to calculate your optimal setup

Many of us wouldn’t give a second thought to what crank is fitted to our bicycle. What length crank you ride will likely depend on what size the frame is, especially if you have a factory-built bike. But is it…

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Does Crank Length Matter? – Road Bike Rider Cycling Site

By Rick Schultz In about 15 minutes, GCN Tech did a pretty good job in this video discussing a complicated subject. Still, what was discussed is just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m afraid many cyclists will listen to…

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