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Bike industry turmoil continues as Forme bikes and Lake cycling shoes distributor enters liquidation

More evidence of challenging times for the bike industry as Moore Large — the UK distributor for brands such as Tern Bicycles, Lake, Forme, ETC, Emmelle and MeThree — has entered liquidation. has contacted Moore Large for comment and there has been…

So You Want to Buy Some Cycling Shoes?

<\/div><\/div>”],”filter”:{“nextExceptions”:”img, blockquote, div”,”nextContainsExceptions”:”img, blockquote, a.btn, a.o-button”},”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> Choosing the appropriate cycling footwear can be a daunting—if not bewildering—proposition, which is strange when you consider that if you’re doing bikes right, your feet will hardly even touch the ground. Of course, what…